Professsional Wheel Repair Training and Wheel Repair Tools

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Alloy Wheel Repair Training, Wheel Repair Kits, Equipment, and Systems

Professional Wheel Repair is one of the most popular and most lucrative auto appearance services on the market today. is the premiere one-stop supplier for Wheel Repair training and technical support, as well as Wheel Repair kits, equipment and system packages. The automotive reconditioning experts at have carefully developed a professional Wheel Repair System that is unlike any other on the market, complete with high quality equipment and supply packages. also offers professional Wheel Repair training classes for Wheel Repair, offered in a hands-on format at the training center in San Diego, or as a convenient online training course, allowing students to learn from the comfort of their home or office.

What is Wheel Repair?

What is Wheel Repair and Rim Repair?

Wheel Repair is a specialized process that repairs damage such as curb rash, nicks, scuffs, scratches, bead damage and minor rust on most painted, machined, clear coated or polished aluminum, magnesium or steel wheels. Professional Wheel Repair techniques can also be used to render custom color changes that are popular with many vehicle owners.

With the increasing popularity of expensive custom wheel rims, the demand for the specialty service of Wheel Repair is high! Wheel Repair is an affordable alternative to costly wheel replacement, making it a popular, cost effective solution for many retail customers, as well as wholesale accounts such as dealerships, body shops, fleets and lease returns. Wheel Repair can be offered as a mobile service performed on the lot or at a customer’s home or office, or in a fixed location shop. Wheel Repair makes a profitable stand-alone business, or a great add-on service to other auto reconditioning businesses. This specialty repair service is in high demand in both the wholesale and retail market, and trained technicians who have the skills to perform Wheel Repair are able to charge a premium for this high margin service.

Why Customers Love Wheel and Rim Repair:

  • Great value – Repairs cost much less than wheel replacement, and results are permanent
  • Fast – Repairs are done directly on the vehicle and are completed quickly
  • Convenient – Mobile Wheel Repair technicians often bring the service to a client’s home or office
  • Impressive Results – Customers are impressed with the results

Why Auto Appearance Professionals Love Wheel Repair:

  • High demand – Wheel Repair is in high demand for both retail customers and wholesale accounts
  • Low “Sweat Equity” – Repairs are easy to learn and require minimal wear and tear on the technician’s body
  • Fast – Repairs are completed quickly without removing tires from the vehicle
  • Easy cross-sell service – Wheel Repair is a great cross-sell add-on service to other auto appearance services such as auto detailing, paint touch up, paintless dent repair (PDR), etc.
  • Flexible business – Wheel Repair can be offered as a mobile business or in a fixed location shop, and can be sold to both retail and wholesale customers

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