Interior Repair

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Benefits of Interior Repair:

  • Interior repairs are much more affordable than replacing seats, carpets, interior panels, etc.
  • Huge demand for interior repairs in both retail and wholesale markets
  • Low product cost; repair areas are typically small
  • Low overhead
  • Supplies and equipment take up minimal room

Interior Repair Training, Kits, Supplies, and Systems

Restore automotive interiors to “like new” condition with professional Interior Repair Training from As an Interior Repair technician, you can repair rips, tears, holes, burns and other damage in vinyl, leather, plastic and fabric. With the proper interior repair supplies & equipment, you can also easily re-color carpets, seats & interior panels. is your one-stop provider for professional interior repair training, equipment, products, and supplies.

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What is Interior Repair?

Interior Repair involves using specialized skills to repair minor damage in leather, vinyl, fabric and plastic. Since Interior Repairs are kept small, they are often completed in a short time and require minimal repair compounds and products. The technician’s cost per repair is low, making Interior Repair a profitable auto appearance service to offer.

In addition to repairing vehicle interiors, Interior Repair technicians can also use their skills to repair:

  • Boats
  • Aircraft
  • Motorcycles
  • Motor homes
  • Jet skis
  • Furniture offers comprehensive training for Interior Repair with a professionally produced instructional online video training program as well as hands-on classes taught by expert instructors. also offers many start-up equipment and supply packages to fit a variety of budgets.

Why do customers love Interior Repair?

  • Affordable – Interior Repair is an affordable alternative to replacing leather, vinyl, fabrics or plastic
  • Fast - Most Interior Repairs are completed quickly, allowing customers to be on their way quickly
  • Convenient – Interior Repair can be offered on a mobile basis, making it convenient for customers to have repairs done at their home or office
  • Impressive Results - Customers are often amazed at the results that can be achieved with professional Interior Repair

Why do auto appearance professionals love Interior Repair?

  • Low Cost –Repairs are completed quickly and utilize minimal consumable supplies, keeping the cost of offering each repair low
  • Flexible Business – Interior Repair can be offered as a mobile business or from a fixed location shop
  • Multiple Markets – Interior Repair technicians can offer their services to other markets, such as boats, RVs, motorcycles and home or office furniture
  • High Margin – Since Interior Repair is a specialty service, qualified technicians can charge a premium price for their work
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